• L'Humour malgré Tout

    How to Be An Alien ?
    J'ai découvert ce livre grâce à ma prof d'anglais. C'est un classique en Angleterre, un délice pour les continentaux.
    Je vous en livre quelques extraits choisis sur le thème du temps.
    En espérant que vous connaissez quelques mots de la langue des Beatles.


    This is the most important topic in the land. Do not be misled by memories of your youth when, on the Continent, wanting to describe someone as exceptionnally dull, you remarked : "He is the type who would discuss the weather with you." In England this is an ever-interesting, even thrilling topic, and you must be good at discussing the weather.

    For Bad Weather

    Nasty day, isn't it ?
    Isn't it dreadful ?
    The rain... I hate rain.
    I don't like it at all, do you ?
    Fancy such a day in July. Rain in the morning, then a bit of sunshine, and then rain, rain, all day long.
    I remember exactly the same July day in 1936.
    Yes, I remember too.
    Or was it in 1928 ?
    Yes, it was.
    Or in 1939 ?
    Yes, that's right.

    Now observe the last few sentences of this conversation. A very important rule emerges from it. You must never contradict anybody when discussing the weather. Should it hail and snow, should hurricanes uproot the trees from the sides of the road, and should someone remark to you : "Nice day, isn't it ?" - answer without hesitation : "Isn't it lovely ?".

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    Vendredi 12 Janvier 2007 à 20:25
    Bel été
    Un merveilleux souvenir de vacances ?
    Dimanche 14 Janvier 2007 à 12:46
    un très bel été
    Un merveilleux souvenir de vacances sans doute.. en tout cas pr moi ^^ et j'espere pour toi aussi ma ptite vicky ^^
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